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              By adhering to the client-oriented principle, we give full play to our technologies and advantages, and spare no efforts to provide consulting services for our clients. The scope of business includes: proposal and feasibility study preparation, construction project evaluation, benefit analysis and post-evaluation; consulting service for investment and financing of construction projects, technical due diligence for asset acquisition; preparation and audit of project estimates, budgets, completion (final) settlement; preparation and audit of bill of quantities, base price (or controlled price) and tender offer; signature, change and adjustment of project contract price, payment of project funds, claim for construction expenses; cost control and management throughout construction projects.

              Over the past 60 years of development, ENFI has rich experience in cost consultation, technical and economic analysis, and evaluation and post-evaluation of non-ferrous metal smelting, new energy and municipal projects and etc. ENFI has established a scientific and reasonable project cost management system throughout the construction, and has accumulated valuable engineering data.