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              Ropeway for Cloud Valley of Mount Huang in Anhui
              DATE:17 November 2017 瀏覽次數:
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              This ropeway was completed in October 1997. Located on the golden tourist route of Mount Huang Scenic Area, it is of the automatic circulating 8-passanger cabinlift type, with the horizontal distance of 2,476.56 m, elevation difference of 775 m and highest running speed of 6 m / sec by adopting the horizontal progression technique. This ropeway is highly praised to be with the "optimal environmental protection, fastest construction speed, highest installation accuracy and best technical equipment" by relevant experts.

              This ropeway helps to realize the overall goal of Mount Huang - "travel on the mountain and live under the mountain", solves the traffic bottleneck problem of core scenic spots fundamentally, improves the reception level of scenic spots, and protects the Mount Huang at a higher level.