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              Ropeway for Phoenix Mountain Ski Resort in Yakeshi
              DATE:17 November 2017 瀏覽次數:
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              This ropeway ran successfully on its first commissioning in November 8, 2004, and was delivered for operation upon the acceptance by China national and local departments in December 2, 2004. Located about 16 km southeast of Yakeshi City, Inner Mongolia, it is of the monocable circulating cabinlift-group type (with fixed grips), with the horizontal distance of 2,818 m, elevation difference of 287.7 m and one-way transport capacity of 300 people / hour.

              ENFI undertakes the surveying, reconnaissance, design, mechanical and electrical equipment procurement, transportation, installation and commissioning of the ropeway project. During the construction of ropeway, ENFI compares, in many ways, both the ropeway route selection scheme and site selection scheme according to the terrain in Ski Resort and trend of ski run, which not only gives full play to the ropeway transport capacity, but also saves capital cost. The construction speed and equipment quality are fully affirmed by the operating unit and praised by the Yakeshi municipal government.