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              Ropeway for Shaohua Mountain in Shaanxi
              DATE:17 November 2017 瀏覽次數:
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              This ropeway was completed in May 2011. Located in the Shaohua Mountain National Forest Park of Hua County, Shaanxi Province, it is designed by ENFI and developed, constructed with the investment of Hua and Shaanxi Tourism Groups. It is of the monocable pulsatile circulating 8-passanger cabinlift type (with fixed grips), with the horizontal distance of 1,858 m, elevation difference of 837 m and one-way transport capacity of 450 people / hour.

              The lower station of ropeway is located at the mouth of Aojigou, with a broad vision, from where we can see two landscapes - Red Rock Cliff and Houwang Peak. The upper station of ropeway is about 1,000 m away from the Qianlong temple, from where we can see the main peak of Shaohua Mountain, Jiguan Peak, Jiangjun Peak, west peak of Shaohua Mountain, Weihe Plain and other landscapes. This ropeway combines the three major scenic spots of Shaohua Mountain National Forest Park (Hongya Lake, Shimen Canyon and Qianlong Temple) into a whole, so that tourists can enjoy the beauty of Shaohua Mountain in one day.