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              Ropeway for Mount Cang in Dali
              DATE:17 November 2017 瀏覽次數:
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              This ropeway, with a total investment of 385 million RMB, was commenced in December 2009 and completed in September 2011. Located in the National Geological Park - Dali Mount Cang, it is of the monocable circulating 8-passenger cabinlift type (with detachable grips) and composed of two sections (upper and lower). The two sections can both run independently. This ropeway is the longest (5,555 m in total) passenger ropeway for tourism in China and its elevation difference (1,655 m) is the biggest in the world. It only takes 15 minutes to travel the whole journey from the lower station - Demi-gods & Semi-devils Film City, to the middle station at the Seven Dragon Maidens Pool and to the upper station at the Horse Washing Pool of Yuju Peak of Mount Cang, which is about nine hours faster than walking.