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              Ropeway for West Peak of Mount Hua in Shaanxi
              DATE:17 November 2017 瀏覽次數:
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              This ropeway was completed in November 2012. It is of the monocable circulating cabinlift type (with detachable grips), with the horizontal distance of 3,879.3 m, elevation difference of 894.4 m, one-way transport capacity of 1,500 people / hour and running speed of 6 m / sec.

              The ropeway line is composed of two sections, both of which can run independently, and also can be effectively connected by the trolley system of intermediate station into a large ropeway to run as a whole. The side shape of ropeway line is extremely complex, and two climbing angles all reach the specified upper limit - 45°; the carrying-hauling rope of ropeway is 56 mm in diameter, which is the thickest wire rope in China's existing ropeways; and the total tension of return sheave at upper station of ropeway reaches 105 t. The automatic lift-type car receiving and dispatching system is adopted for the intermediate station to response to the terrain condition; and three sets of horizontal rescue systems are adopted to ensure the safety of tourists in extreme cases.